Nuclear Medicine

Our nuclear specialists are experts in all aspects of diagnostic and thereapeutic nuclear medicine services.

Nuclear Medicine is used to diagnose and manage the treatment of cancer, heart disease, brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, gastrointestinal disorders, lung disorders, bone disorders, kidney and thyroid disorders, and more.

Scan types done by us:


Whole Body Bone Scan and Spec
Limited Bone Scan with Spec
Limited Bone Scan with Flow and Spec
Bone – Foot with Flow
Bone – Hand with Flow
Ventilation & Perfusion (VQ)
Lung Perfusion Only (VQ)
Renogram – Nephron
Renogram – DTPA
Baseline Captopril Renogram
Captorpil Renogram
Kidney Scan – DMSA
Thyroid Technetium
Thyroid Iodine (Adult)
Thyroid Iodine (Child)
Gallbladder DISIDA
MUGA (Multiple Gated Acquisition)
MIBI – Resting

MIBI – Stress
Sentinel Node with Probe
White Cell Whole Body
Gallium Whole Body
Leukoscan Whole Body
Octreotide Whole Body
Tektrotide Whole Body
I – 131 Whole Body
I – 123 Whole Body
I – 123 MIBG Whole Body
Milk Scan
GIT Bleed
Brain – HMPAO
Brain – DAT Scan
Stomach Emptying
Tc-PSMA Prostate Cancer


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